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Sound Therapist



Sound Therapist

2nd Album


is released


1- Wind Era Full Moon

2- Crystal

3- Water Drops

4- Mountain

5- God of Water

6- Tender

Mother water of all things

Water has been cherished as a sacred element as a symbol of purification in ancient and modern eastern and western cultures.

I think that if we cherish water more and have a “caring heart”, both the earth and us can “live while caring.”

This album, “WATER,” contains songs that are inspired by the different energies of each individual spots which I felt during the pilgrimage to special places related to water (shrines, temples, wells, etc.).

Heart of Gold

For Meditation

Sound Therapist



At the turning point of my life,
I have inspired by a certain sound.


it was when I met Makoto,
an instrument
with the same name as my name.

And with improvisation
that I couldn’t do before.

The ability to freely use
“expression using sound”
has blossomed.

And now facing the essence

“How do I want to be?”
“How do I want to live?”

And at that time,
take a breath

“How do I want to gone?”

I am always asking these questions.




I have delivered a virtual live “Healing Live Streaming” on Facebook, which has received global acclaim, regularly hold real concerts(although it is currently difficult due to COVID-19).

I am commiting a prayer session by “MAKOTO” as a “Inoribito” under the guidance of “Senior Hoshino” who is the highest rank of Haguro Yamabushi of “Mt. Dewa Sanzan in Yamagata”. And also do it as part of reconstruction support activities in disaster areas .

Also, I accept events such as appearances at events, interviews with magazines, and NHK documentary programs.

You can enjoy “Healing Live Streaming” in the “Makoto Heart of Gold” space on Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram.

Please access from the icons above.

Healing is Prayer,
Prayer is Healing.


Nature and prayer of
Mt. Dewasanzan

Mt. Dewasanzan

Photo by Emmy

Dewasanzan in Yamagata Prefecture consists of three mountain peaks: Gassan, Hagurozan, and Yudonozan, and is a sacred place of Japanese Shugendo (Yamabushi faith) that symbolizes reincarnation.

I expressed the image at that time with the improvisation by the PIANO in Facebook-Live. Senior Hoshino had liked it, so I made a limited edition CD. The next round image is the picture for the label.


The above video was created by a friend photographer and female Yamabushi “Emi Sudo” in collaboration with my piano performance.

Feel the breath of sacred land by your eyes, eares and your heart .

Mt. Dewasanzan Photo by Emmy

My sound therapy was introduced in "Therapist" October 2020 issue of "Sound Therapy Special Feature".


This project was realized by receiving an interview request from the editorial department. This text was covered by the new Corona self-restraint, and was held at an online meeting with the writer in charge, our producer, and four people.

The special theme of “Sound” healing therapy is a wonderful project unlike any other in recent years. It is a content that gathers the total power of the interviewers and performers. So please read it. There is a link from the Amazon logo.



Voices of the audience

Makoto-san gently embraced the musical instrument "Makoto" like a child and played as if talking to her, which made me feel kind.
The cozy space is very good. It was a relaxing and healing concert.
In the first half of meditation, I feel like I was looking at myself as I was living another life. In the second half, I received the message "now", with no time, no past or future.
It turns out that feeling is important, not thinking in the head.
The gentle tone is a touching feeling.
I participated for the first time. The tone of Makoto was very comfortable. I cried when she played the piano. Since then, I have been feeling generous, kind, and cheerful.
I was healed by the sound played by Makoto. The beautiful Makoto was healed just by looking at it. Thank you.
I went to Makoto's concert for the first time. Both the "Makoto" and "Piano" instruments were sounds that resonated with the core of the body. Thank you very much.
My heart has become kinder.
Thank you for your wonderful performance.
The appearance of her playing "Makoto" seemed to hug the baby gently, and I felt that she was full of love. The tone of her piano also came from her Makoto-san's appearance, and tears came out. Thank you so much for your wonderful luxury time.
I was healed. I got the courage to say that there are still many possibilities.
I got the courage to take a step forward.
A song that resonates with the soul, that's right. This is the first sound that resonates with my soul. I will continue to support you.
It was a tone that touched my heart. The smooth and beautiful piano was powerful and delicate, with a tearful tone.
I felt that the sound of "Makoto" wrapped up the entire venue.
It was like wrapping up a very cozy hall.
The sound is invisible, but it was very relaxing.
It was good to be able to experience the performance. It's time for healing.
I think I felt love and courage.
I think I felt love and courage.
Given from heaven. Please do your best. Thank you.
Thank you for your wonderful performance. I thought it was wonderful to get love and courage just by listening.
I was very healed by the wonderful performance. And I was very impressed and got a lot of courage.
I want to accept all of myself and become even more happy. Thank you very much.
The soul echoed in the performance that expressed my heart.
Makoto-san Thank you for your wonderful performance. I heard and felt Makoto's 528 hertz a lot and was healed. The piano performance made me cry.。
I thought we could just flow as it was and flexibly.
Thank you for your time today. I cried at this concert as well. Turn my weaknesses into strengths ... Thank you always.
I was able to spend a time when my lovely heart became very warm. Thank you for this connection today. Thank you
Makoto-san. Thank you for your wonderful healing today. I received 528 hertz and a lot of love. I enjoy CDs at home. Please keep doing a good job
"Makoto" and "Piano". I thought it was amazing to be able to improvise both. I was surprised that I could play the piano on request immediately. I was healed just by listening.
Although the performances of "Makoto" and "Piano" were improvised, they had a very beautiful melody line, which touched my heart and impressed me very much. Especially from the request, I thought the performance was very nice.
To Makoto-san, congratulations on today's event. I went to many healing places, but it was my first time to have such a wonderful healing time. From the performance of Makoto, I got used to the place. I enjoyed it relaxedly.
To Makoto-san. I was able to look at the love, courage, and hope within me. Thank you.
It was my first time to participate. I had a really nice time. I want to nurture my heart every day.
I was very tired from raising my child, but I was very healed. It seems to be child-friendly.
I was very interested in Makoto himself as to why he could make such a gentle sound.
This world where all things are made up of harmony. Don't miss one. We can't exclude things we don't need. It was a concert that I wanted to hope for all coexistence.
A few months ago, I had an experience of tattering my mind and body. From there, I received Makoto's personal therapy and am now living very happy. Thank you for your new message of support for us. I'm glad that you always stayed close to me and held a concert.

We were able to successfully hold the 6th Real Concert on August 8th. We had to significantly reduce the number of visitors to prevent COVID-19 infection. However, for that reason, it became a cozy concert where all the visitors could experience sound therapy.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the visitors and related parties.。

We are editing the performance parts of “Makoto” and “Piano” shot in high resolution. We will release it on this site as soon as it is completed (although it will be charged). I hope you can watch that section.

CD info

Healing is Prayer,
Prayer is Healing.


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~ Compassion, Compassionate Heart ~

Based on 528Hz, which is called the frequency of love, sound therapist Makoto Ryuuke plays “healing music” with “MAKOTO”, which is tuned to the pure temperament, relying only on hearing. The player meets “MAKOTO”, whose name is the same as her real name, which was born after “the Great East Kanto Earthquake”, and is performing sound therapy, a performance activity of “prayer and healing.”


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~ Compassion, Compassionate Heart ~

“Healing music” played by sound therapist Makoto Ryuuke in improvisation on the piano. A collection version with long performances and high-quality listening.



Soundtherapist MAKOTO

She practiced the piano from an early age. She is from Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, Japan. She began to improvise on the piano after the “Great East Japan Earthquake.” She has encountered the musical instrument “Makoto” with the same name as her name, and began dedication performances to heal the souls of people, both alive and dead, in the disaster areas and shrines and temples. She regularly holds solo concerts with Piano and Makoto performances. However, from 2020, people could not go out due to the influence of COVID-19. So she started her “Healing Live Streaming” on “Facebook Live” and continues to do so. As of July 2021, its her followers have exceeded 40,000 members and are still growing, with fans from all over the world accessing the live to watch to her performances.



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